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Amazing class!!!


I would like to thank you for everything.

It is amazing that my name is Number one on Google for my website and my Blog is number one as well. It was a great learning experience in this class. I was not into the internet research thing and the web in general; today it is easy for me to find information and related data to my topic. I also liked the way how you organized the class with a large amount of learning during the class time.

It is a pleasure to be in your class

Thanks for the pizza and for every thing


Lovely class

This has been a great class, I learned a tremendous amount. I will be practicing my surfing so that I can continue to find cool web sites and in turn be really cool myself. I am only partially blogging to get a good grade. But rather to make sure that when we all have classes together we can help each other with new sites and information. I will continue to bug Sandeep about sites.

Sandeep thank you for the class and the pizza.


Super Class

Hi Sandeep and All,

I just wanted to thank you for the class. It was a great learning experience, I learned a lot. I sure dont believe anyone who says that searching online is easy. I thought so, but now that I took this class, I can say that it is not easy. There are so many little things that super important. If we dont know them, it is hard to find what we are looking for. Thanks to Sandeep, I now know a couple of those little secrets, which help me find what I want. I will definitely use this knowledge in future and I sure it will help me a lot. I was so proud of what I learned, that all my family members and friends were excited to see what I know and what I can do with the internet. I can build my own web site; I can put online and made is easy to be searched for. I can also find web sites, that are not well known to the public and I can find statistical information about it. I can also compare web sites and make suggestions for improvement.

Again, Thank You Sandeep. It was great experience.

Hope to see all of you in the fall. Have a great summer and I am off to Bulgaria today. Please visit my blog to learn more about this wonderful country.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

My blog is back on google!

That pizza was the bomb, thanks Professor Krishnamurthy. I'm happy to say my blog is back on google again. Type in UW bothell blog, and you'll see it there...#1 baby! If anyone else wants to join please let me know; here is a funny excerpt.

My post:
Some interesting statistics on UW Bothell vs UW Washington, courtesy of
With 55% women, UW Bothell is clearly the winner!
UW Bothell vs (UW Seattle)
Total Students Full-Time: 1,620 (39,246)
Undergrads: 833 (23,552)Percent Accepted: 69% (68%)
Percent Women: 55% (51%)
Resident Tuition Fees: $5,157 ($5,286)
Non-Res. Tuition & Fees: $17,787 ($17,916)

To which my girlfriend commented, "what is the advantage of having more women than men?"

But have no fear, I wasn't busted yet. I replied, "This is very important because according to, "Study after study shows that girls with more education not only have fewer and healthier babies, but enjoy better health themselves." Therefore, by having a higher proportion of women to men than the Seattle campus, UW Bothell is clearly doing more to combat serious problems, such as childhood obesity and overpopulation. "

So money!

Yeah, so I was a little confused after my presentation today and now I know why! I realized on the way home I was missing two of my slides. I had already uploaded the file to my website and ended up adding two more pages, but I forgot to delete the file and upload it again. *smack*

Ironically, after class today I was online and one of my friends IM'd me and asked me if I knew what furl was, needless to say I did! I hope people keep blogging on this site. I've learned about a lot of valuable resources on the internet and it would be wonderful if people still wrote on here about any great sites or services that they come across. I'll get the ball,, One is educational and the other two are fun ways to spend countless hours online! Well I need to get going, study time. Talk to you all soon. Invite me to your blog if you're gonna stay active on it: mkahn81 at gmail dot com.

It was so fun having class with you all! Enjoy the rest of your Summer!


RSS Strategy

Hello everyone,
After researching Feedster (which you will discover in my presentation later today), I got curious about tags and feeds. Here are some excerpts from an interesting article I found. It goes into detail about RSS marketing strategies and how to tailor them to your website. It's a little beyond what we've learned in the class, but I think the author does a good job of explaining the concepts.

April 24, 2006
Your RSS Marketing Strategy: Deciding How To Deliver Your RSS Content
posted by Rok Hrastnik in RSS Step-by-Step

You're interested in RSS marketing, but there either seem to be so many options of how to do it or you've only ever come accross simple RSS feeds that just don't seem to be the approach you're looking for.

The problem with most RSS marketing plans is that the marketer doesn't really go beyond providing a simple RSS feed for all of his online news or his blog. But since you've been reading this column for a while now you know for a fact that RSS offers so much more.

To get started the right way you need to correctly plan your RSS Marketing strategy, starting by deciding how you are going to deliver your RSS content.

The right way to go, even if you're only starting out with a simple RSS strategy, is to provide individual RSS feeds for:
your individual target audiences,
your different types of content and
even your different content topics.

Think of this as a consequtive list of how to develop your RSS strategy.

Target Audiences
Start by listing the target audiences you want to deliver your content to via RSS. Each of your audiences has different content needs, resulting in different groups of RSS feeds that need to be created for these target audiences. One group for the media, the other for your employees, the other for the general public, the other for your existing customers and so on. You can even go further and divide your master groups in sub-groups, based on their prevailing interests.

Content Types
Now consider the different types of content you want to deliver to these audiences. For example your latest news, your blog posts, your how-to articles, your press releases, your podcasts, the latest posts from your forums, direct communications messages and so on. In most cases these types of content don't mix well together. If someone wants to receive your blog updates, which are full of your company representatives' personal opinions and commentary, they don't want to receive your corporate-speak press releases. If someone is interested in what's happening in your forum and what the latest forum posts are, they don't want to receive your how-to articles in the same RSS feed, simply because these two types of content are so much different. And so on. Essentially, you will need to provide separate feeds for each of the different content types, and you will need to determine what content types you wish to deliver to each of your target audience groups and sub-groups.

Content Topics
Finally take a look at each individual content type for each individual target audience and further break that down by content topic, if needed. And if you're trying to cover many different topics for each content type, you will need to provide different RSS feeds for these different topics, because, again, people interested in topic A are not neccessarily also interested in topic B.
While this may sound complicated, it's really simple once you start doing it.
The point is, this is about giving your subscribers choice of what they subscribe to. Instead of forcing them to subscribe to everything, allow them to subscribe to only what they want and need.

RSS Feeds With Content Targeting
Now imagine that you want to create individualized campaigns to individual subscribers, based on the information you already have in your database about their activities, demographics and so on, for example to send a promotion for product A only to those subscribers that might be most interested in product A.

In this case you will need an RSS solution that can pull this data from your database and then segment your subscribers based on the actual data.

Autoresponder RSS Feeds
Since their introduction, e-mail autoresponders have become a relatively mainstream internet direct marketing tool, although they haven't really made their way to the world of public relations.

The concept is simple - a certain action by your visitors on your website triggers a sequence of e-mail messages, delivered to that visitor, provided you have his e-mail address, over a period of several days.

Direct marketers use this to automatically communicate with the prospect after a certain action, trying to get him to do what they want.

The most common application is offering your visitors a free report, delivered to them via e-mail. After subscribing they start receiving consequtive parts of the report day after day or a every few days, receiving both new information as well as being exposed to the marketer's promotional message.

Other applications include autoresponder messages in relation to transactional e-mail:
Subscribe to a free e-mail newsletter. The first autoresponder message thanks you for the subscription and also gives you access to one of the newsletter issues. A couple of days later, while you're still "hot as a lead", you receive another e-mail, pertaining to the newsletter topic, giving you more advice or information on the topic and trying achieve a sales conversion. And so on.

To Recap…
Think of your RSS publishing strategy and try to establish which of the these publishing models your RSS publishing tool should support:
Topical or Target Audience Oriented RSS Feeds
Customizable RSS Feeds
Search-Based RSS Feeds
Personalized RSS Feeds
RSS Feeds With Content Targeting
Autoresponder RSS Feeds

Fantastic course

Well, as others have said, this has been a great course. I've really appreciated the hands-on learning approach. To find important information, I no longer have to simply trudge over to the main Google page and conducting a ho-hum basic search. I now have a wealth of tools and techniques from which to draw. These will be quite valuable to me as I graduate from UWB and start a new job.

I also appreciate how Sandeep has taught us about website and blog optimization. Before I took this course, I had no idea how PageRanks work or what optimization means. Now, I've seen first-hand how I can create a brand-new website and then watch it move up the ranks in search engines. I also know how to follow web- and search-based trends using tools such as Alexa and Google Trends.

I only wish there were an automatic refresher for this course once a year. I'm sure that the tools we use today will evolve quickly and perhaps be replaced by others in a short time. I hope that I will be able to keep my search "toolbox" up-to-date.

I've enjoyed reading others' blogs and browsing through their websites. I wish all of you good luck in whatever your futures hold.


I will have pizza coming in at 3. If you are reading this, plan accordingly.
Hello everyone,

Well, later today will be our last class session and I just wanted to say that I have enjoyed everyone's presentations and have learned a lot from all of you. There are so many things to know about the Internet and I feel like I've learned some of the most important tools when it comes to researching businesses. I have enjoyed learning differnt tools to find information on companies. I can honestly say that I am very comfortable using sites like Google Trends, alexa, inventory.overture, way back machine and all of the other neat sites we've explored for researching. At first, I wasn't sure how I would like this class because I assumed I knew most of what was being taught, but I was mistaken. I know so much more now!

Thank you Sandeep for the great inside provided on using the WWW and practice with presenting. It was very nice to meet all of you ... Good Luck!

Monday, July 17, 2006

Check out this cool site!

Go to Face Recognition. You can upload your picture and see which celebrity you resemble.

I've gotten everything from the Japanese President to Aishwarya Rai (Indian actress).

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My reflection on the class

This class has been a great experience. I have learned so much in such a short amount of time. I learned more in this class compared to a capstone course! As Miriam mentioned a previous post we all have become advanced searchers especially using the Google search engine. Prior to this class I didn’t believe that I had problems with searching for information. I usually found what I needed. But after learning about the concept of PageRank and how to use operators I came to realize that I could become a more efficient with my searching. I am still not sure if I like the idea of PageRank especially since it doesn’t consider quality. It still drives me crazy when I search on Google and the first few links are useless.

One of my proudest accomplishments in this class has been publishing. Reflecting back to the first day of class I was completely lost. I had no idea how to post anything online. I was sure that I had signed up for the wrong class. But spending time and reading about how to use Catalyst I was able to choose a template design and added a picture gallery. I really think I did a great job on my very first home page.

Two of my favorite assignments were Google My Way and the Search Word Analysis project. I was amazed at all the product offerings of Google. After testing out more content with my Google Personalized page I came to appreciate the simple, classic main page. I enjoyed researching for the Search Word Analysis project and coming up with recommendations to improve Dell’s current homepage based on popular searches.

I learned a great deal from the projects in class. But I think the most imperative thing I learned in this class (which took awhile) was to structure projects according to what I thought would be effective. I came to expect to receive clear directions from teachers. But I liked the approach that Sandeep took in giving projects and letting us explore and decide how to complete the projects. This is a good way of making us think more on our own.

Coming out of this class I think I greatly benefited from the individual presentations. While at UWB I have always presented in groups and was comfortable with that. I feared presenting in front of people by myself. The practice in this class has made me more confident but I still would like to improve.

This has been a great class. I hope you all enjoy the rest of the summer!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mypsace is #1

For those of you who don't remember, I chose Myspace for the project in class last Tuesday. I was on Motley Fool (One of my favorite finance sites) and I came across a very interesting article.

"According to the data from tracking firm Hitwise, was the No. 1 most visited website for the week ended July 8, with 4.46% of all Web visits in the U.S., knocking Yahoo! Mail from the top spot. Yahoo! took exception to the rankings' comparison of all of MySpace with the Yahoo! Mail site, given that Yahoo! comprises a network of many different sites and services. I tend to agree, but the data is still interesting to contemplate, taken with a grain of salt."

See the full article:

Battle for hosted app market

We've all seen some of the evidence for the move towards hosting applications online with Google's online spreadsheet program. The concept is simple of course; why should we bother going to the trouble of installing programs on our computers when we could just type in a URL, log in and the program opens??

Google has made it's move offering the online spreadsheet in an effort to compete with Excel, but there are many companies providing various (some quite complex) programs using the same concept. Microsoft, not wanting to be left out of what it views as the next big thing, has unveiled online versions of it's Windows and Office applications. Microsoft likes to refer to its online applications as "Live Software." In my opinion, Microsoft has a long way to go before this live software is anywhere close to being as useful as its standard Office applications, but I guess they want to get their foot in the door before other companies grab the market. You can read a little more about it here.

Once really nice example of online software done right is the CRM software offered by This company provides a CRM software that is entirely available online to paying customers. The benefit to companies who choose this software is that they dont have to invest as much in server hardware to host the application in-house or the associated IT costs.

In the near future you won't be going down to the store, buying some software and installing it on your computer. All you'll have to do is subscribe to the program online and begin using it right away.

Wow! Another great day of Blogging!!!

I think I'm finally starting to get a hang of this blogging stuff. To be completely honest I've never really been fond of writing journals or blogs or anything of that nature. But I am happy to announce that I am starting to come around on my opinion about publishing blogs. It fun!!!

There are alot of things that I have learned during the course of this class. One of the primary things that I learned how to do was creating and updating my own webpage. Needless to say, I had never put together a website of any kind prior to this class. In all honesty I was a little intimidated and a little lost when we started creating and adding links to our websites. But, through trial-and-error (a alot of painfull frustration) I have seemingly mastered (tenatively) the art of updating my website without having to ask for help every two seconds. I am proud of myself!! (Please don't laugh. I really am proud!)

Anyhow, that will do it for this blog. Hope you all have a nice weekend and I will look forward to our final meeting and presentations on Tuesday.

Mark Cuban is a Toolbox

It's amazing that a guy who still hasn't figured out the proper intricacies of a topic as mundane as the contracted form of "it is" can still manage to have such a high opinion of himself.

But enough about me. We're talking about Mark Cuban.

Most of Cuban's ranting falls into the category of "Everyone complains about the weather, but no one ever does anything about it." Nothing "unique" has happened on the net in "forever?" You're right, Cuban. This whole Internet thang is sad and tired. I give it six months before you can buy AOL for the change you find in your couch.

Further, Mark stretches the truth just a bit in talking about how net speeds haven't increased in TEN YEARS (emphasis his). I remember trying to get DSL just seven years ago (that's 1999, Cuban. I wouldn't want your head to explode from an attempt at complex subtraction). Even living in Microsoft's backyard, I couldn't get DSL until '99 and even then it wasn't at the speed it's available at today. Ten years ago puts us squarely back in the days of 56Flex, with that blistering ISDN you dismissed as ancient just becoming available for the priveleged few.

Markie further "complains" about not being able to buy a PC that has problems running "any" application. Leaving aside the obvious interpretation that Mark must not be a PC gamer (can't fault him there), it's obvious he hasn't been paying attention to the OS overhead that Windows Vista is going to be bringing us as part of those "innovations" that Mark says he wants.

Cube then even answers his own earlier question but doesn't bother to notice. If it's now becoming as cheap and easy for you and me and a dog named Boo to create and publish captivating, professional sites (in theory anyway, I'm still holding on to my hack cred), then what would be the incentive for ISPs to provide greater speeds if their own share of the audience is being constantly eroded by this plethora of new sites anyway? And how do all these sites manage to stick around and pay their hosting charges if the net is becoming so "boring?"

I don't think the net is "boring." I just think it's beyond Cuban to keep up with it.

Page Rank!

So google has updated my site, but it has not increased my pagerank. I am still below Na*te Da*wgz page which is a complete insult to myself. Sandeep said he would share his pagerank power with me to increase the ranking of my site. Hopefully this works out, I dont want to have to go back to hijacking wikipedia pages just to increase my pagerank (not that I have).

Sandeep said he gave me the power of his site. The next update will be my last chance to top the charts so I am waiting nervously. I must beat N*AT*E DA*WG*Z. I shouldn't even mention his name, it probably is improving his pagerank. I have changed my post name to Nathan MacDonald so it will search higher. I even linked myself from a couple blogs. This is what the quarter has come down too, will i be a WINNER or LOSER?

My life depends on this..

Nathan MacDonald

The Summer retreat for entrepreneurship and career building

Does everyone know about the UWB retreat coming up? It is July 28-31, only a ferry ride away, and is being offered for the bargain price of $30/night. This will be a great place to meet other students, and alums, as well as get feedback on business ideas. Most of all, it should be a really great time. For more information e-mail Professor Alan Leong at (aleong at gmail dot com). Big ups to Professor Krishnamurthy for teaching me how to avoid the spam crawlers :-)


Mr. Blogmaverick seems like a really boring human being. Its as if he has nothing else to do except whine about the only subject he knows anything about - computers and related ideas. Its fantastic how someone with a minimal amount of logic can rant and rave himself into stardom. Why do people care what he says? Blogging is a way of making ridiculous claims without backing them up. Did he site anything? No that would have actually taking some work to make his arguement legitimate. Instead he whines online, people believe it because he uses numbers, and BAM, hes a celebrity. Get rid of these lazy computer nerds or business owners that take hearsay and turn it into fact. Get rid of these people that cannot do an ounce of real research on their own and articulate an intelligent idea. This guy got lucky, made some money, and somehow thinks that makes him matter. Learn to research and prove a point instead of taking the easy way out by complaining about everything.


My Google Postion!!!

What Happened Professor Krisnamurthy?????

My Google Position has dropped significantly. My Blog is still at the top when i search for "Dennis TJ Wang", however my student page is no where to be found. Prior to today, my student site was #2 rite after my blog, but today, my student site is no longer availible on google. All that I can think of is something happened on University of Washington's server. however my site is still availible when I go there directly.

This is a interesting phenominon. Could it have anything to do with Prof. Krishnamurthy linking us to his own site??

Until Next Time,


Furl is a program that allows you to take your bookmarks with you. It then allows you to save them privately or publically as well as rank them 1-5. You can then search your bookmarks on a certain subject either publically or locally and it will organize relevance from 1-5. This is great for school research, too bad im graduating suckers!

The key to using Furl is that you need a button in your browser that you can click to save the item you are viewing. Thanks to technology called "bookmarklets" you don't need to install any software to do this. If you haven't yet put the button in your browser, read the button help page for all the details.
Once you have the button, continue to use the Internet as you normally would and whenever you find something of interest, click the "Furl It" button to add the page to your archive. You'll have the option to add comments, categorize and date the item before you click "Save."

I sabotaged my blog!

I think Google might have banned my blog! I had become master (the #1 return) of one of my search terms "UW Bothell Blog", but now I am not even listed at all. In an effort to increase my page rank, I had made three dummy sites from free webhosting services that contained links to my blog. I was doing some research with Google (go figure) about how the page rank system works and I found out that they will ban sites if they think people are making pages just to increase their page rank. OOPS! Anyways, I've been trying to get more people to traffic my blog and post on it. I haven't had very much luck, although one of my professors was kind enough to set up a link to my blog from his personal page. I've decided to make another blog, one that will have a greater number of possible visitors. I figure that only so many people are interested in UW Bothell, so my new blog will be something that people from all over might be interested in. My ideas so far are the Middle East conflict and drink recipes. Maybe I'll combine the two, because who doesn't want a few cocktails after reading about how messed up things are in the Middle East? Another blog idea I have is a financial blog, it would primarily focus on the stock market and stocks that I think will perform well in the near future. My original idea was a stock blog, but there are so many competitors out there for search optimization. Although now that Google appears to have banned my other blog from their search results, what have I got to lose?

I was looking around the internet last night for information about what the hot trends are in the internet. I came across the page which lists the “ten hottest internet trends for 2005”. Although we’re half way through 2006, I found the page very interesting. Here are the trends that they listed:


I also found a cnet article that seems a little dated, it lists the top ten internet fads. Blogger is on there at number nine! They were pretty funny, I recognized 8 of the 10 fads. How many do you remember? All your base are belong to us! hahaha

Look, up in the sky! It's a cloud! It's rain! It's summer in Seattle!

You know, I have to just come right out and thank Sandeep for saving my life. If I was actually unfettered by class and out on the streets trying to actually make something of this drizzly, dreary excuse for a summer, I'd probably be jumping off an overpass about now.

Sandeep Krishnamurthy. Scholar. Humanitarian. Blogspot user.

The Last Class

Wow, a month has already went by and this class is already over. What have we all learned this quarter? The meaning of life? I think not. What we have learned is how to utilize the web to its fullest. By using tools like Alexa, and Overture, we can use the web and better understand how business around the world operate. The Google excersices in class have benefited us by giving is a better understanding of how and why Google operates the way it does. Watching one of the founders in the video in class was very beneficial to us all. Learning how these tremendously smart individuals think will help us in our own lives for many years to come.

Searching the web can be used for entertainment, but also, more importantly, used as a great tool for business as well as research. With this better understanding of the World Wide Web, I am now ready to go into the real world with the useful knowledge and provide that to my future employer with great pleasure; as I am sure many individuals in the work force have no clue how to search the web for useful information.

I would also like to thank Professor Krishnamurthy for providing us with this great class and this great knowledge. It was a very informative class that will benefit us all for the rest of our lives. The knowledge that I have received from this class and Prof. Krishnamurthy's other classes has proved to be most useful.

So, after four weeks of this class, what have I learned?

I learned that the web is a great asset to the world and is very beneficial in every aspect of life. From entertainment, to business, to research and even education, the web will is always there with useful information that is constantly being updated.

Until Next Time,

Globe of blogs ate my blog :(

Did anyone sumbit there blog to Globe of Blogs?? I didn't get the result that I was looking for. I was able to search and find my blog on Google a few days ago. Now if you search you'll find Globe of Blogs which has an excerpt of me, the author and the name of my blog. When you click on the link it won't provide a link to my blog. Thumbs down on Globe of Blogs (at least for now).

Our class yesterday

iTunes vs. Limewire

That was the title of my final choice for todays class. After much persecution and prejudice I was finally allowed this as a topic.My first choices were myspace (was ignored) -> Donald Trump (Not allowed) -> Britney Spears (right after someone took martha stewart, still wasnt allowed) -> iTunes.Then 90% into my iTunes powerpoint I was verbally assaulted that Limewire wasn't even a competitor of iTunes.After surpassing all of these barriers in my way to success I achieved my goal and factually reported on the status of iTunes and Limewire as competitors.I would thank to de-thank Dennis and Professor K. for trying to crush my hopes and dreams!I love bloggin.

Nate MacDonald

*EDIT* *UPDATE* I was just accused of not doing any actual research and relying on other peoples information. Isn't that was research is? Compiling experts first hand information into a cohesive arguement. It definately is at the BA level thats for sure.

Summer 2006, my experiences!

A summary of my experience Summer 2006 at UWB
Summer 2006 UWB has been a intense summer for me so far. As most of you already know I am currently taking 15 credits in what is essentially 4.5 weeks. This is 3 classes, twice a week, for four and half hours each. While far from ideal, I wanted to graduate as soon as possible and this was the only way to do it. Following is a summary of my classes and my experiences.

Consumer Marketing:

This class is very interesting and should be a core requirement of some sort. While the assignments were not really attached to the in-class lectures, I still attended because it was interesting. Overall, this was a great class with only a recommendation to have the assignments mirror the lectures.

Search and the World Wide Web 2006:

This class is exactly what a summer class should be like. I’ve learned more about searching, web sites, and just the web in general then I should ever need to know. At the same time I had fun and was interested the entire class time. With minimal homework, but maximum knowledge gained, this class has the summer quarter technique fine tuned to perfection!

Great Books in Business:

While unnecessarily ambiguous at first this class has turned out to be my most important management class. Through actual researching (requiring me to actually look at real life books) I have learned a plethora of knowledge on management. The discussions in class were invaluable as well as the teamwork. Fantastic class, my only recommendation: less ambiguity!

Nathan MacDonald

UW Bothell vs. Seattle

Hey Everybody,

This is my second quarter here at the Bothell campus. I transferred here from the Seattle campus and I am LOVING it here. I'm not sure if its just personal preference, but if you hate traffic, thousands of other students fighting for the classes you want, and t.a.'s that dont provide a personal learning atmosphere, you're in the right place.

The Bothell campus has actually made my college experience enjoyable, even the homework at times. Students, Teachers and Staff know me by name, and for the first time I actually feel a sense of belonging. I have also discovered that I receive the same advantages that the main campus has to offer their students, if not even more. The education is great, the teamwork is fun, and the networking is better than I could ask for.

So, in my humble opinion, UW Bothell rocks! Thanks for reading.

Word Inventory

Hello everyone,
I just wanted to say a few things about our last project. Having the ability to search the online volume of certain words is a skill that I never thought would be useful or possible. But after the word inventory project, I realized how important it is to know exactly what words are the most popular. For instance, if you were running a business and decided that it would be profitable to go online the wording of your web page is going to directly influence the amount of traffic that your site recieves. Before you build your site, word inventory would be a very useful resource because it will give you the most common word searches. You could fill your web pages with all the most popular word searches. That way, more traffic will be routed to your site.
When I used word inventory to search the volume of Budweiser, I found that most of the searches were coming from the Midwest (St. Louis). That makes a lot of sense because that is where it is brewed and the company has a strong influence in that area. The European volume was the least popular, especially in the Netherlands. This coincides because this is where Heineken was born.
It is this kind of information that I never would have thought would be important, but this class is allowing me to develop a stronger business mind.
I am also learning a lot from other people in class. This is due mainly from all the presentations. You can learn a lot about somebody by the topics that they choose to examine and research. It is amazing to see the amount of information that one can dig up online in 2 and half hours.